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Last updated on May 27, 2021

Welcome to HVR 5 Documentation home page.

Getting Started

The topics in this section is your key to getting started with HVR. It explains the terminologies, architecture, and overview of setting up HVR for replication and compare.

Installing and Upgrading HVR

Information about installing or upgrading HVR.

Configuring HVR

Information about configuring HVR.

Location Class Requirements

The topics in this section describes the pre-requisites, access privileges, and other configuration requirements for using HVR to capture or integrate changes into the location classes (source or target locations).


Information about HVR actions which allows you to define the behavior of replication.


Information about HVR commands which allows you to configure and control HVR.

Platform Compatibility Matrix

HVR's compatibility with operating systems and DBMS versions.

Quick Start Guides

Short tutorials or Step-by-step guide to help you get started with HVR.


List of HVR features supported on each location class.

Data Type Mapping

Information about mapping of data types in source DBMS to the corresponding data types in target DBMS or file format.

HVR Release Life Cycle

Information about supported duration for HVR Releases, Operating Systems, and DBMS Versions.

Knowledge Base

HVR's knowledge base articles such as expert notes, how-to articles, and error messages.

Release Notes

Following are the latest GA release notes in PDF format available for download.

For all other release notes, see Release Notes.

User Manual

User manual for the 5.7 release in PDF format.